The MCS security technology was developed in close cooperation with technical universities and uses magnetic force. EVVA is the only manufacturer, that produces this type of high-security magnetic locking systems.

The magnetic technology of the MCS key guarantees the highest level of key copying protection. Complex master key systems can be realised with a practically limitless range of variations. Despite the versatile technology the system is highly wear resistant. The permanent magnets also have a long durability under extreme conditions.

The benefits of MCS at a glance:
  • for locking systems with a complex structure
  • with unique magnetic technology
  • always delivered in modular version (SYMO)
  • Patent protection until 2035
Optimised key tip
Magnet pills
Additional mechanical coding
Precise length profile
Made from high-quality nickel silver
Picking and scanning protection
The freely rotating magnetic motors of the MCS cylinder are separate from the key channel and can therefore not be scanned or manipulated. This means that the magnetic coding in the MCS cylinder cannot be scanned.
Drilling protection
The hard metal elements in the MCS cylinder plug offer effective protection against drilling.
Plug pulling protection
The hard metal elements and the modular version (SYMO) offer effective protection against pulling and ripping attempts.
MCS cylinder options
The MCS options make it possible: External key override cylinder functions; SOS function; dust protection; cogwheel cam and much more.
The Key
The MCS key combines two technologies for triple security: One magnetic and two mechanical codings. The eight-stage magnetic key scanning takes place via the four magnet pills permanently magnetised in different magnetic alignments on either sides. The mechanical coding also achieves unparalleled security with the precise length profile and the additional mechanical coding. Outstanding wear resistance is guaranteed by the magnetic fields, which bring the magnet rotors into locking position without contact or friction.

Added bonus: Each MCS key is unique thanks to the wide range of variations. The permanent magnets made from samarium cobalt-5 guarantee high wear resistance. They cannot be re-magnetised by any conventional means.

The original MCS key is produced exclusively by EVVA and is only available from EVVA partners.

The Cylinder
The MCS cylinder contains eight freely rotating magnet rotors to the left and right of the key channel, which the four magnet pills of the MCS key are assigned to. The magnet rotors are brought into a locking position using the locking-authorised key. The mechanic bars above these assign the locking authorisation. The special feature of the MCS System: Each magnetic field interacts with the other fields, guaranteeing optimal security. The additional mechanical coding of the MCS key also brings the springless locking elements into position.
The MCS cylinder is produced in modular version (SYMO) and can therefore be adapted to the relevant door situation directly on-site. The MCS cylinder can also be customized with specific functions on-site (e.g. external key override).