ICS is the smart system among the mechanical locking systems. With its unique, clever technology, ICS is perfectly suited for professional use. The elegant look of the reversible key is particularly popular among design-orientated customers. And of course, ICS also has a feature unique to EVVA: the concealed, inner recesses make unauthorised duplication of keys practically impossible.
The benefits of ICS at a glance
  • locking systems with a complex structure
  • high key copying protection
  • in modular version (SYMO)
  • in compact and modular version (SYMO)
  • patent protection until 2028
Distinctive side coding
Distinctive 5-track system
Concealed inner recesses
Durable length profile
Made from high-quality nickel silver
Solid key
Picking and scanning protection
Split and non-split scanning elements prevent scanning positions from being detected. The ICS cylinder is practically impossible to open with lock picking tools. The hidden gates on the locking pins prevent the ICS cylinder from being scanned.
Drilling protection
The chrome-vanadium elements in the ICS cylinder protect it from illegal opening methods. Additional security elements offer high attack resistance.
Plug pulling protection
The chrome-vanadium pins in the cylinder plug combined with the modular design (SYMO) offer high plug pulling protection.
ICS cylinder options
The ICS options make it possible: External key override function; SOS function; vario function; dust protection; free-wheel function and much more.
The Key
Being reversible, the ICS key offers two advantages at once. Inserting the ICS key into the cylinder is particularly easy due to the key’s specially developed tip. The key thickness of 3 mm and the high-quality nickel silver alloy make the key durable and resistant to wear. The ICS key is also worldwide unique. The concealed, inner recesses make unauthorised duplication of keys practically impossible.
The Cylinder
ICS offers different locking technologies for high protection: the time-tested curve system, the durable length profi le and distinctive track system with internal recesses. The scanning takes place in 5 tracks through 13 spring-loaded locking
elements and the durable length profi le. With an additional fi nish, the ICS locking elements guarantee the highest wear resistance in daily use.
The ICS cylinder is produced in modular design (SYMO) and can therefore be adapted to the relevant door requirements directly on-site. The ICS cylinder can also be customized with specifi c functions on-site (e.g. external key override).