EPS is the classic product among mechanical locking systems. With its well-proven technology, EPS is ideally suited for a wide range of uses and, of course, EPS also has a feature unique to EVVA: the distinctive side codes and the associated manipulation control ensure a higher level of security.
The benefits of EPS at a glance:
  • for locking systems with a distinct structure
  • integrated manipulation control
  • wear resistant design
  • in compact and modular version (SYMO)
  • patent protection until 2041
Distinctive side coding
Optimised lower key cuts
Wear-resistant length profi le
made from high- quality nickel silver
Drilling protection
Hardened steel elements are standard for protection against drilling. The EPS cylinder is also available with enhanced drilling protection in the form of hard metal elements.
Picking and scanning protection
The picking protection makes it impossible to detect the scanning positions in the cylinder. Therefore the EPS cylinder is harder to open with specialist tools. In the compact design, the EPS cylinder is protected from picking and scanning with mushroom pins. In the SYMO version, locking pins have additional hidden gates in order to grant higher protection.
Optional pulling protection
Special hard metal pins offer resistance against pulling the cylinder and plug in accordance with standards.
The Key
The EPS key is a strong nickel silver key with a large key cross-section. This makes it wear-resistant and long-lasting. The distinctive side coding and associated integrated manipulation control make it even more secure. Thanks to the robust length profi le and optimised lower milling grooves, the EPS key is particularly easy to insert.
The Cylinder
EPS is a spring-loaded pin system with 5 or 6 active, spring-loaded scanning elements and offers up to 20 additional side codings. The cylinder’s integrated manipulation control in the cylinder and dual-action locking pins offer a high level of security. The EPS cylinder is manufactured in compact and modular design (SYMO). It is also possible to combine compact and modular cylinders within one master key system. The modular version offers the possibility to adapt the EPS cylinder to the relevant door requirements directly on-site. The modular EPS cylinder can also be customized with specific functions on-site (e.g. external key override).